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GUI Improvements on Task View


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Please consider the following GUI improvements in the Task View
1. Add a `close`/`hide` button in the top right corner of the `Assigned To` dialog... at the moment there is a `Hide` button at the bottom but the more typical location is the top right corner. What makes your current implementation worse is the fact that you have an `x` in the top right corner where people expect to see a close option however this one un-assigns the task without a confirmation!

2. When editting the overview of the task details... allow the Description field to be resized...

it will take just three lines of CSS to make this work:

  1. resize: vertical; // or perhaps both
  2. max-width: none;
  3. max-height: none;

See the `.details-form wf-text-area[name=description] textarea` rule in https://design-1st.attask-ondemand.com/static/prod/css/tiles/content-task-view.css?build=44a9595620e...

3. add an inline HTML editor to the wf-text-area[name=description] textarea - see https://www.sitepoint.com/10-best-html-wysiwyg-plugins/ for examples or edit this idea and see what you've already got implemented...


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Level 3


When creating a Project and Task there should be a more robust feature for creating the description. Wrike has this ability and it's amazing. A lot of times, a project's description reaches far beyond plain text and custom form fields. How most people at our company communicate is through email, and although email is a complete mess, what email is good at is allowing the person to format a message and description is multiple ways: through documents, screenshots, HTML text formatting (BOLD, underline, strikebreaking, bullet points, numbering, indenting, tables, charts, font colors, images, links, mockups etc). Most project and tasks have supporting information in the form of images and charts, and there isn't a way currently in WF to communicate this within the system. We now have to go outside the system and go back to emailing or using other project management tools. Workfront has a lot of amazing features, but I feel as though you have to think back to the basis of a project management tool - and this tool should focus on the easy communication of project and task creation.

This could also be applied to requests and documents as well, but not as important as projects and tasks.

The creation of a task should be a bit simpler and less cluttered. Workfront has so many options and features, which is fantastic, but it can be completely overwhelming for users who are not necessarily tech savvy and just want to use the system for creating a task, description, dependencies, assignee, and due date. This information should be at the forefront of the design and the rest of the functionality can be shown differently.

And custom form fields should really be considered part of the projects description and be within that same area. Right now it's not very intuitive where to get necessary details about the project in order to do someone's job. The user needs to go to project details, look at the main overall timeline details then click custom form to get the actual full description of the project.