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Group Admin for Sub-Group


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I love the feature to allow the Group Administrator designation; however, it would be nice to be able to add group administration at the sub-group level, as well.

Because of the structure, you may have the top-level with a very senior person who wouldn't at all be appropriate to take that role. That leaves you with a person in one of the lower groups who would then administrate for all of those groups. That would give visibility that would be at too great a level.

Case in point: We have an HR Group, with three sub-groups. Those three sub-groups have various responsibilities which need to be segregated for employee protection.

There is a related issue, that needs to be addressed. Currently, when adding the group administrator at the highest level (which is the only option), it still doesn't automatically give them visibility into all of the work for the sub-groups. They have to be added manually. I currently have that listed as a product error, Request # 1137107.



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Yes, I would love this!

We also have 3 sub-groups and would be great to have a group admin at any of the sub-group levels instead of just at the top group level, where we don't want to give that much access to one particular group admin.


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I agree with Hanna's assessment of the problem. As a group administrator it seems like a gap that I would not have access automatically to sub-groups I've created without gaining access throught he system administrator. This seems more of a gap than an enhancement request.