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Gantt Chart Customization


Level 2


We would like to be able to customize / format the Gantt charts.

-For example: Sort of like an Excel spreadsheet.

-This would make the chart more presentable and easier to read.



Level 6


This would be very useful.  The current options for printing the Gantt chart/exporting to PDF aren't presentable because of how it formats the columns.  


Level 3


We also would like to add customization options to the gantt chart. Our marketing teams would find value in the ability to display the task name on the gantt chart. By having the task names in a Gantt chart view we can more easily scroll through the year and see how different planned activities line up with each other. We can more easily overlay key initiatives and view the corresponding tasks. It allows us to better make adjustments to plans and see how those adjustments will impact other activities.