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Fix the "Approvals" process please


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Good Morning,


Your decision making process currently does not allow for more than one person to "reject" an approval/decision.  Times have changed since 2019, and most offices in the United States have been working remotely for almost 3 years now. If multiple decision makers are working remotely and need to make independent decisions, how can you expect the group to stay informed if the decision process ends as soon as the first "rejected" decision is made? What if only one department wants to reject and all of the rest make compelling arguments to move the project forward? What if two different departments want to reject for different reasons? What if the project leader wants to appeal a decision made during the approval process? How would they know who all they need to speak to if the "approval" process ends after one rejection out of 14 decisions needed? The way your approvals process is currently set up, it does not allow for any these scenarios to play out because the moment someone rejects.... the approval process ends. 


THIS NEEDS TO BE UPDATED! It has so many oversights the way it is currently constructed.



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I agree, this seems to be an oversight as you can mark objects in ProofHQ as "changes required" without disrupting the workflow.... so why wouldn't this same functionality exist in Workfront as well?


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The ability for multiple decision makers to review and approve work at the same time, within the same approval process is critical.  And as a consultant, I am always creating work-a-rounds, based on client needs.  But in the past two weeks, I have had two clients who would have benefited by allowing all approvers to make independent approvals/rejections without a rejection stopping the flow.  


An example use case is when multiple decision makers have responsibility for individual parts of the whole decision.  One decision maker "rejecting" simply means, " based on my responsibilities, this is a no go.  And if others approve, let's talk about why and how it could affect my rejection"