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Fix .PDF export of columns with Rich Text


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Please fix the .PDF export of columns with rich text.

Right now if you export a report that has columns with rich text all of the formatting disappears. Worse, if you've used text mode to combine columns with rich text, it will not show all of the combined columns!

The rich text looks great on screen, but our executive team and other users rely on printed documents for markup and retention.



Level 2


Agreed. With the relatively new rich text field available for custom forms and the reports we are pulling for our executives on that custom form data, we're not getting the formatting retained with the export that we need. The benefit is that execs get the emailed reports they want that are easier to parse and the reports don't appear as a wall of same-same text. 


Level 1


Agree. Great improvement adding the formatting. But this is a significant roadblock right now for sharing out info to leadership in a clean, easily scannable format.