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Fields on Project custom for which should be greyed out are showing as editable.


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Description - We are using Project custom form. There are set of fields which are defined below a section break where only Workfront Admin can make any edits , changes or updates. So in essence none of the fields should appear as editable for non admin users , they should be greyed out.


But for "Single Line Text field" for which we are using format as "currency" and  is used to save amount (in dollars ) appears as editable. Any user can make an update to  the values in this field. However when user tries to save these values, an error is thrown "You must be a system admin to change this custom data parameter value." Thus data integrity is maintained but its not good user experience


Why is this feature important to you - This is required for good user experience. Currently this is causing confusion to end users.

How would you like the feature to work - All the fields under "Admin  Only " section break needs to be greyed out and not show as editable

Current Behaviour - "Single Line Text field"  having format as "currency" is showing as editable field.