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Export calendars to print as a PDF is no longer on the roadmap. Please everyone vote on this and comment if you haven't already. https://one.workfront.com/s/idea/0870z000000PS98AAG/detail


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We finally got the planned dates to "stick" so now the calendar is usable (for me!) and not dependent on when people mark their tasks done. However, not being able to export or print the calendar is still a problem so I can't use it as my single point of truth. We need to be able to print in order to take notes and distribute more widely. I'm very bummed about this turn of events.



I have moved to a new company and still see this as a miss by Workfront. It would be helpful if someone could provide an update on what "Under Consideration" really means.


100% agree! All calendars should also have the functionality to export to PDF with the text wrapping so you can see the full name of the task.


The functionality to print calendars (including print to .pdf) is currently planned an on the roadmap for release within the next 12 months.

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Chandler what is the status of this? In your last post 06/06/18 you indicated that this was on the roadmap for the next 12 months. I was on the quarterly roadmap call this month and didn't hear anything about this feature; maybe I missed it. Is this still on the roadmap? Thanks!


This would be extremely helpful to us. We are digging through so many options for a large calendar project right now, and Workfront should've been the easy winner considering how much we're using it for other things and that it would've been synergistic with how we're operating in other areas on this project. Unfortunately the inability to print/export/share with others in any easy way is taking it entirely off the table, that's a big requirement.