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Enable Bulk Edit of Programs, including moving bulk to different portfolios


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Integrating the capability to bulk move Workfront Programs to a Workfront Portfolio is crucial for streamlining project management processes and enhancing user efficiency. The current limitation of manual, one-at-a-time processing for this task creates a bottleneck in workflow management. To address this, developers should prioritize the inclusion of bulk editing functionality for Workfront Programs, aligning it with the existing capability for Workfront Projects. This enhancement not only ensures consistency in user experience but also maximizes the utility of the platform. Potential implementation strategies include:

  1. Unified Interface: Design a user-friendly interface that allows users to select multiple Workfront Programs and initiate bulk moves with a few clicks.

  2. Customizable Filters: Integrate customizable filters to facilitate the selection of specific programs based on criteria such as status, deadlines, or assigned teams.

  3. Batch Processing: Implement a batch processing mechanism to handle the simultaneous movement of multiple programs, optimizing efficiency for users dealing with large project portfolios.

  4. Error Handling: Include robust error handling mechanisms to notify users of any potential issues during the bulk move process, ensuring transparency and mitigating the risk of data inconsistencies.

  5. Audit Trail: Incorporate an audit trail feature that logs all bulk move activities, providing users with a comprehensive record for tracking changes and troubleshooting if necessary.

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Yes, I'm familiar with that functionality, but you need to manually enter each name of the Program. I'm interested in a way that one can move Programs based on a report or filter. When you run a report and try to bulk edit Programs, Portoflio is not an option. It's a pretty limited offering. You can move Projects in bulk like this, but when you do that you lose the Program:Project relationship. 


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I would also like to have the ability to do this. I agree that developers should prioritize the inclusion of bulk editing functionality for Workfront Programs.