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Email notification for task ready to start


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Based on documentation and the community thread, it doesn't sound like there's currently a way for users to receive an email notification when a task without a predecessor is ready to start. We currently have users who miss the due date for the first task on a timeline since there is no email notification tied to that task without a predecessor. We have notifications for when a project becomes active turned off since this is triggered whenever the PM team places a project from planning to active, which is frequent.

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This would be very useful! Right now, the main options are "I get a new work request" which isn't ideal because it ignores whether or not a task is ready to start. Then they have "All predecessors of my tasks are completed", which doesn't catch tasks with no predecessors.

If there was an option to receive emails only when "a task I have is ready to start", that would solve the problem. Then users would only receive emails when tasks are ready to start, regardless of whether or not they have predecessors. They would receive exactly what they want, without excess emails they don't want.