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Email attachments directly added to the documents section


Level 3


Description - When collaborating with users who don't frequently use Workfront (Requestor/Reviewer level license) and sharing documents, uploading the documents can cause confusion for the requestor/reviewer level user (we have 80k+ employees who are not regular users of Workfront but at any given time could work with an internal group that does regularly use Workfront). In many/most cases the Requestor/Reviewer level would require some type of training to understand where to navigate in Workfront and how to upload documents. This is generally not feasible given the large user base. 

Why is this feature important to you - It would enable better collaboration across our organization when working with documents. 

How would you like the feature to work - When someone reply's to an update from Workfront in Outlook (or other email system) and there is a document attached in thier reply, the document is automatically downloaded and added to the object "Documents" section. 

Current Behaviour - The email message/reply comes into the updates section of the object, but any attachments are excluded.