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Dynamic Checkboxes/Radio Button/Dropdowns on Custom Forms


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Description - On Custom Forms allow a field type of Dynamic Checkbox/Radio Button/Dropdown Values. The checkboxes would be determined by using filters to return values in the same way as Typeahead can be filtered, but you get discrete values that can be selected. The filter should allow for contextual limitation. This should include the ability to look at values in a collection and surface these as the values in the checkboxes (For instance: If i am on a project, be able to have a checkbox value list populated with the task names, or document list or issues. The field to be returned in the value list should be selectable by the person doing the configuration. The resulting list should only show unique values and also allow an ALL selection

Why is this feature important to you - This gives me the option to relate what may seem unrelated fields on different objects or a selection of child objects to a parent.

How would you like the feature to work - Allow new field type on custom forms, allow user to define the filter that returns the value list

Current Behaviour - No option

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