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Duplicate Custom Form Fields as New Fields


Level 5


We share forms across our company and some teams need custom fields. Some of these fields are very involved with lots of options. It would be nice to be able to "duplicate" a form field as a new field. Or even better, "duplicate" and entire form and duplicate all fields as new fields. That would save us SO much time!



Level 2


I completely agree with this. It took me hours to build our original forms. If we need to expand them it is a long and tedious process.


Level 4


We would greatly benefit with the ability to copy and duplicate fields across forms. We have hundreds of fields with upwards to 50 choices in each that have to constantly be recreated. It would be a huge help if we could duplicate the field and update the name/label.

There was a similar idea from 2017 that was marked as unplanned because it was to become part of a larger custom form enhancement. Has that enhancement occurred? Is there any traction in getting this prioritized? Thank you!