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Document Updates


Level 7


I want the document updates to roll up to the parent task / issue and the project. Currently you have to find the correct document to find a particular comment. You can't just look at the project as a whole to find comments made on a document.



Level 7


Thanks everyone for the input on this.

I think the comments about the proof comments are valid and apply to my situation as well. I think we could avert this problem by adding a toggle that will hide proof comments like you can hide the system feed updates.


Level 1


One problem that we have also noticed is that when you are Subscribed to a project and upload a document, there is no notification that a document has been uploaded. I would think that this would work the same way as getting notified when new comments are made on the project / task / issue that you are subscribed to.


Level 5


Totally agree. For document/proof comments rolled into project updates, we'd definitely need the task name, document name and version # to be attached to the updates breadcrumb area. Having the most recent update reply within a thread at the top would be beneficial as well.


Level 3


Good news, we are currently investigating this item. I see a lot of great feedback here in regards to showing or not showing Workfront Proof comments.

I have created a survey to capture your thoughts about Proof comments on the updates feed. Please take a couple of minutes to fill out this survey:


I may reach out to some of you to be in a test group on the Preview environment as we move forward.


Community Advisor


I also have mixed feelings on this. While it would be great for some projects, it could really clog up the Updates feed on others. We've had a couple nightmare inducing projects that have multiple rounds of proofs with 300+ comments per proof. I can't imagine all those comments in the Updates tab.

If there could be another tab or link to get all document comments in one feed, but still have the current comments on the main Updates tab, that would be a better option for those types of projects.