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Disable Time Portion of due dates (Projects and Tasks)


Level 7


We don't worry about the time of due dates. We've always looked at end of the day as the deadline. Yes, sometimes we have to stay late to get it done on time. Now we have Workfront (in our 4th month) and the planned completion date has a time portion, which has cause some issues for us.

  1. Tracking On Time delivery, even 3 minutes past is considered late. We only worry about it going out on the date it was requested due. (We've worked around this with a custom field on a report, using the "cleartime" function, to get accurate reporting for our needs)
  2. We have two teams, one in Minnesota and one in Chile. We have a lot of issues with tasks and time off sliding up or down a day on the schedule because of the time zone difference. Makes for a scheduling nightmare! (we can work around this by setting every project and task due date to be ie. 5pm, but that's yet another tiny detail for our PM's to have to not forget)

We'd rather not have to work around these issues. Could there be a global setting to "clear time" on all projects, tasks and issues?



Level 2


This issue is compounded by the editable Planned Completion date field in the top right of the Project pages. When edited this changes the due date and defaults to 12AM local time. This negatively impacts all tasks on the project as it resets them to 12AM local time as well. Users in different time zones then see previous dates for their due tasks.

Please either implement a way to default the time when changing this field and/or give the option to turn off time due time.


Level 2


I would like to be able to use dates only sometimes as well, but the time is important for planned midday handoffs. I agree that timezone issues have been a problem when we have offshore workers... but the best solve I have found for that is to set a due date for an offshore worker to 8am the next day our local time - they effectively work on it "overnight" and it's just due when we are back online locally.

On the other hand, I really can't stand having to set times for every task when creating templates. I would like to see a default setting that you only have to override when needed... for example, a task with a "start" type contstraint should always have a start time of 8am... and a task with a "finish" type constraint should always have a completion time of 5pm. (The times being whatever the planner chooses.) This could be a good middle ground, especially if the planner can just choose 12am for all times and be done with it.




Thank you for the submission! We think this is a good enhancement to the Workfront platform overall and this product area in particular!


Workfront currently prioritizes large-scale, foundational enhancements such as the new Reporting experience and changes to the core data model, so this item does not fit in our near-term roadmap. As such, I am marking this as Declined now, but we'll keep this in our backlog for the improvements for this area so that we can revisit the decision in the future.

Status changed to: Declined