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Delegate Assignments similar to Delegate Approvals


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I love the delegate approvals feature but would love to also be able to delegate assignments as well. For example I will be taking a 1 week vacation in June and have manually gone into all of my projects and reassigned each individual task I am on to another user ( as an Admin I can do this).



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one possible way to implement this would be to have Workfront allow a user (say a project manager) to temporarily "log in as" the other project manager using the lesser of the two users' permissions. The allowing user could set the time just like they do in the approvals window, except do NOT allow a "forever" option.


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Yes, please make this easier! We currently have to do some kind of report, then bulk change either as an admin or a manager. Should be easier to manage from a portal or screen in Scheduling.


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Thank you very much for contributing to this idea.

We fully understand the value this feature would bring in terms of better user experience and time saving. Currently we have many valuable items in our backlog and will be reviewing and researching this one to consider in the context of our roadmap prioritization. At this time we anticipate that the target range for a resolution would be beyond 12 months, so I will be marking this as Not Planned for now. But we will look forward to following up with our findings and updates on progress as we assess the appropriate prioritization and timeline for this effort. We will ensure that as changes occur to either our approach or timeline on this issue that we will provide updates here accordingly.

Best regards,

Anna Asatryan

Product Manager, Workfront