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Delegate Approvals to Multiple People or to a Team


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Being able to delegate approvals is great, but we sometimes have more than one person covering the work of the person who is out.

It would be great if we could delegate to multiple people and whoever is handling that project would pick up any approvals that go with it.

Or if we could create a team and delegate to the team, the appropriate person would take each approval.



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Another great option would be to delegate to one person for certain days, then delegate to another person for certain days as many times as needed. We currently have an instance for next week (with 4th of July on Wednesday) where we have someone out the whole week, two other people are covering for her, but one of those people is also out Thursday and the other is also out Friday.

So an Admin will need to log in as the person out for the week and switch her approvals Tuesday morning and again Friday morning to accommodate the coverage plan they've worked out.


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We have a use case for team / multi-user delegation feature as well although it is somewhat different from the case Heather has presented. We're looking to use shared mailbox accounts within certain approval processes as a notification mechanism and have an option to "silently" delegate approvals to a team of users thus letting any member of that team to receive a single notification (through the shared mailbox account) and make an approval decision without getting a duplicate notification for a delegated approval.