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default version API should be latest version


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According to the page above:

NOTE All Workfront URI calls must specify a version of the API. Integrations that do not specify a version in the URI are automatically routed to the Default Version of the API and will fail once the Default API is removed July 1, 2018.

I think default API should be the latest version of the API. Asking the user to redo all programs and scripts every few months or so to update/test the API version is too much effort specially if there's a lot of automation already built to integrate to Workfront.

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Having the default version be the latest version would be very useful. We have a lot of legacy applications that require maintenance to the code when the API version in use will be deprecated. We try to account for it by also using an API Wrapper, but even that requires code maintenance. If the default was the latest version, then the maintenance would only be necessary if we need to opt-out of the current API version and use an older supported version.