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Customize Desktop Proofing Viewer Display Size options dropdown


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Description -

Display sizes: this is a dropdown at the bottom of the Desktop Proofing Viewer that allows you to select a size format you want your interactive proof to display at. Our creative teams work in 4 different display sizes:


  • Desktop = 1280x720 or 1440x810
  • Mobile = 400x711 or 375x667

Current Behaviour -

The dropdown currently displays 22 different sizes, none of which are what we want, and only one is configurable, and that one doesn't "save", you can just input the same size over and over every time you review a proof. Moreover, several of the sizes, are... a little dated. (for example, I just did a quick google and Apple apparently will stop supporting iPhone X -- anyway, don't want to spend my time doing market research but you get the picture hopefully)


How would you like the feature to work -

If there’s a way to customize the list of default display sizes (per instance), so that we show the ones that are meaningful to us rather than a bunch of sizes that Workfront thought would be helpful (and are not), this would really help save some time. I would simply configure 4 size settings, and only 4 options would show up in the viewer.


Why is this feature important to you -

There are no pre-populated options to select that match what we design for. The main issue with users not viewing at the desired dimensions is that text can wrap in odd spots or cut off images where not intended. By not having these as an option, it’s unlikely that the users are looking at the content with the dimensions that were intended. I know people can hand type them in -- we had to create instructions to get our users to review using the display sizes above -- but it’s very unlikely that is happening because 1st they would have to go dig up the dimensions and then type them in. Usually people are in too much of a hurry for that.