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Customizable Reminder Notifications


Level 2


Would be great to create custom timesheet reminders based on a different sets of criteria (rather than just the 3 default options we have now).

For example, it'd be great to set up notification if a timesheet is under 40 hours. Or, if a timesheet is missing notes on entries.



Level 2


I fully support this idea as we are also facing similar situation. Workfront should give the facility as a drop down to select the hours criteria rather than fixing at 40 hours. Many resources working with us work part time or 38 hours and we can't set up less than 40 hours rule, this will unnecessary create wrong notifications.




Agreed we need more options (Criteria's) for Reminder Notifications.


Due date is approaching, or due date has passed

Thank you -- Laurel


Level 2


I would really like to see this option added too but specific to dependencies within a project. For example, it would be nice for dev to get a notification once design has been approved rather than me having to tell dev to get started manually.

We have a current workaround to have the project team send notes but really this should be an automatically generated note.


Level 1


I assumed that since you can tag a team in a task that the team members would receive the notification. Unfortunately, after talking to the customer success team I find out that this is not a capability. Only individual team members will receive the reminder notification to complete a task. Why would you allow a team to be assigned to a task but then the team members not receive the notifications? I guess I don't understand the why behind the capability that feels like it then has no point to it. I feel like only individuals should be added to complete tasks and not teams or roles then? Anybody else find a work around for this issue? We want a team of "campaign submitters' to be notified and reminded that it's time to submit your next campaign.