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Customise emails notifications!


Level 10


Being able to change the layout and context of email notifications to users would be great!

This may include adding our own logo's, changing some of Workfront's terminology or even the links.




Level 3


Our company would like to see this functionality enabled as well. Our understanding is that email notifications cannot be customized today. The language in some of the emails is too casual for our liking, i.e., saying "it's all yours" in a work request is not the type of language we use internally. We'd like the option to customize the emails.


Level 2


I also would like to see an option to attach documents to the email notification. This would be helpful for adding support documents that don't need commenting or review but are a companion piece to artwork.


Level 1


With the recent additions to the HOME functionality in Workfront, I'd like to see a link option on all notifications to go to there or into workfront WITHOUT drilling into the specific entity. Something like 'View your Workfront HOME Tab' or something of that nature. We have users (higher up) that do nothing besides view requests and approve / reject them. It'd be great to give them a one-stop shop in the HOME area vs. having to go into each individual request they're needed to review.


Level 6


Email content improvements should also include "why" you are getting any given emails. Something like "You are receiving this email because you have 'email me when: A comment is added to my document" enabled."

The "why did I get this" notification hunt is a weekly recurring loss of time at my company.