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Custom Forms View are not consistent - Same form but looks different


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Make the Custom form view standardized through-out the application. When we design the custom form, that's how we expect it to show throughout Workfront.

The problem now is the our custom form views do not carry throughout the Workfront application. I have found 3 views of the same form & data.

Ex: We have a project custom form, that we use for projecting team hours. The form has the fields organized with 3 fields in one row. Below you will see the 3 views in Workfront.

1. View when entering previewing the form or editing the form. This is how the form is designed & we expect it to be displayed.

2. View when viewing the form, without choosing Edit. Example of the problem: The fields on the rows are not aligned - All 3 fields are on one row, but the view is messy & not aligned. This is the view most users will see.

3. View when we export the business case. Now we lose the 3 fields on a row, and all fields are on a separate row - which makes the form long.

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This is a really old thread yet still a relevant issue. It is difficult to design a form because the form preview is not accurate for some field types. This forces you to open a separate tab or window with the actual request queue to see what the form will actually look like when in use. Of course, since it is a "live form" you are using for layout of the form, you then have to refresh that request queue after applying each form change. It is very cumbersome and also racks up lots of empty drafts if you aren't careful.