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Custom forms: new field type External Lookup - Allow multi-selections


Level 9


Description - It would be nice, if this field type would also provide the possibility to select more than one entry.

Why is this feature important to you - to have a "dynamic" dropdown field, which does support all features of static dropdown fields

How would you like the feature to work - similar to Multi-Select Dropdown

Current Behaviour - only one selection possible





I'm thrilled to let you know that this functionality is now available, and you can make the External Lookup field accept multiple values:

Screenshot at Nov 15 13-40-13.png


Level 1



could you pls share documentation on how to use External lookups?

If I want to configure a drop down for all sub groups under a particular group (which I am fetching in another field), i want to link these 2 fields using External lookups.

1. what API should I use for groups/ group types.

2. what should be the JSON path.

Hopefully a document could help me with this.