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Custom Fields - Allow Different Data in Objects


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We have multiple custom forms referencing the same field attached to the same object (Project) that require a different input based on the form the workers are completing. What we noticed while building the configuration out is that if the same field is attached to multiple forms added to a single object, the data entered in one form replicates across all forms. If we want to avoid that, Support recommended we create separate fields for each form, which is going to cause the creation of multiple duplicate fields with weird field names and have reporting downstream effects (what field do we add to the report?)

I would think the field can be used across multiple forms without having the information entered in one request form being entered in ALL forms with the same fields. This is really a huge issue that Workfront will need to resolve so we don't have to create multiple fields with the same information to prevent the duplication of user-entered data across all of our collective forms sharing this field. Perfect example is a drop down with all our brand names that we use across the organization as this will mean that all forms having the brands drop down will have the same user-entered information - a nightmare for works in progress when brand names will keep switching as users fill out forms for various business units at the same time.