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Custom Field Validation Against Database Field


Level 4


We want to add a custom field "Requestor" that would validate against our active Workfront accounts. The custom field could be a drop-down. Rather than needing to keep manually updating "Requestor" to have all active WF accts, the selections available in the custom field would grow or shrink as Active Users in WF grows/shrinks.



Level 10


Agreed. For example, we would like to include a filtered user name pick list on a custom form. On a request custom form, we ask the requester to select a company employee from a drop down list. We have to manually keep that list up to date. We would rather be able to populate that drop down list using data from the Workfront User table, filtered.


Level 7


Glad to see this feature request already submitted, disappointed that it doesn't have more upvotes... We want to include custom fields that pull values from the user table and teams table so reports and filters can then be designed around the custom field using wildcard filters.

Use case #1: - Create a RACI matrix for tasks that can be reported against. We can rename the 'Assigned To:' column to 'Responsible' and that column is easily reportable, but there's no way to report "Accountable" "Consulted" or "Informed" equals $$USER.ID. Additionally, these fields combined with an OR operator could be used to generate a Project Stakeholder list.

Use case #2: - Select a user or team from a drop-down field (or text field) in a custom form. E.g. "Preferred Resource" that allows a user to request (but not assign) a specific resource in their submission. A report can then be designed for users/teams where "Preferred Resource" equals $$USER.ID OR $$USER.homeGroupID

I predict there could be value in expanding custom form validation against other tables, like project or program, but users and teams would be a great start.