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Custom conditions and special "COMPLETE" condition


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Currently when a project is set to complete, the condition remains as it was when it closed . This is irrelevant to many people and in fact causes more confusion ("Why is this in Trouble, I thought it was finished!"). It would be great to have a specific condition called "COMPLETE" or "DEAD" when a project goes into one of these statuses.

While we are at it, some companies have different names for the conditions. This can cause confusion when reporting from workfront. It would be great to allow custom conditions, just like statuses (or at least rename them).



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I think this is a great idea.

I know for our reports any project that is dead we set the status to archive. Or you can set up a custom status for "dead". However, all the reports are coded to disregard the archived projects. That may help with your current reports until this functionality comes into play.


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Good news here... This is a duplicate of another enhancement request that we are working on! You can find the original here: https://experience.workfront.com/s/idea/0870z000000PSPTAA4/detail. I will officially merge this with the now parent idea shortly.

Josh Hardman

Product Manager, Workfront