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Create the ability to redline (mark text to be deleted ) a proof as a single comment vs having to create an individual comment for every revision.


Level 2


Description -

Why is this feature important to you - This would be a big time saving feature when multiple lines of text need to be removed from a proof - such as in contract reviews.  this would also improve turnaround time 

How would you like the feature to work -

  • Have a full proof edit option when a reviewer could mark multiple lines of text for deletion (redline). 
  • Be able to use the search feature in a proof to locate and mark for deletion the search for word(s) or final all and indicate a replacement in a single comment field

Current Behaviour -  Each time the delete text  (strikethough) feature is used - a new comment must be created.  This is extremely time-consuming, causing some reviewers to not use proof - but download and redline the document instead.  The defeats the intent of using proof