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Create a My Reports Widget


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A new home workspace widget that displays specific reports or dashboards based upon setup by a system administrator, would allow users that primarily work from reports or view dashboards to more effectively use the home workspace.  There are several executives, financial analysts, and auditors that login to our Workfront environment primarily to run and view reports/dashboards.  It would be more user-friendly and easier to train these types of users if all of the reports or dashboards that they need could be viewed and run from a "My Reports" widget.


Ideally system administrators could use specific folders or tags to indicate which reports should appear within the "My Reports" widget by role.  That way if an executive logged into Workfront they could see a targeted list of reports or dashboards.  This would also provide a larger list of reports, as there are only so many pins that can be added to the top menu.


Today as a system administrator, I either have to customize a layout with specific pins based upon role and then use the "Log In As" feature to add other pins manually per user to direct them to specific reports.  Or you have to be strategic about which reports or dashboards are shared and teach the users to navigate to Reports or Dashboards.  A customized report widget would keep several of these users happily on their home workspace and allow system administrators to swap out, remove, or add reports as needed with no additional training required.