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Copy and pasting rich text into updates


Level 6


Description - We would like the ability to copy paste rich text into updates.  


Why is this feature important to you - Often we write meeting notes in Word.  Meeting notes commonly have rich text formatting such as bulleted lists.  Or we want to copy paste the contents of an email into Workfront.  When we paste this, we want the formatting to look the same on Workfront as it does in the original.  


How would you like the feature to work - I would like the formatting (bullet points, bold text, indents, etc.) to remain in the pasted text in the Workfront update.  


Current Behavior - Currently one of two things happens.  

1. Pasting normally causes odd changes to formatting, extra characters, different indentations, and sometimes adds HTML characters.  

2. Pasting plain text only removes all formatting and requires the poster to redo it.