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Converting an Issue/Request to a Project be able to change the start date and duration


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Description -

It would be beneficial when converting an issue/request from a request queue to be able to adjust the start date right away along with the duration.


Why is this feature important to you - Our maintenance queue takes in 200-300 requests per month and one project manager (me) is assigned to make sure that work moves along in a timely manner.  The resource pool contains 10-15 people to draw from so we can't assign the request out.    The start date is tied to the start date of the project which will always need to be manually edited unless it happens to come in on the first day of the project.


How would you like the feature to work - When converting the request queue item to a task, bringing up the date range boxes as fillable would be beneficial.  At the end of our project period, the potential to make an error assigning to the wrong month is higher because the date defaults to the start of the active project.  The only way I've figured out how to edit is to go back into the project and edit those fields in the Task list.  It doesn't make sense the date would default to the start of the project because unless it is the same day, it will always be past.


Current Behaviour -  We created a quarterly Maintenance Project to keep track of all the maintenance items for our web properties each month.  Many are one hit, simple tasks that take a resource 15 min-30 min to complete.  To spin every one of these into projects would take longer to set up the new project than it would to complete the task and would create hundreds of 1-2 line projects every month.  I have been converting the requests to tasks within a Quarterly project (Maintenance Queue 6/1-9/30 for example) to manage the duration/planned hours, resourcing capacity for this type of work, be able to make notes on the items and have the resource pool know these items can work with me as the PM if they run into scope creep or issues with the stakeholder.  It doesn't seem like I am able to assign the issue/request to someone without losing visibility to overall status of all the requests  After I convert to task within the project, I do not have the option to update the dates until I save.  At that time, I go back into the project, find the task I just converted and make the necessary adjustments.  I have all of the information when I convert the task so it would be nice to input it then instead of the extra steps to get it into the project first.