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Controlling for Word Counts in Custom Form Text Fields


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There is no way to control for or enforce a custom word or character count within the various custom form text fields. While there are native character limits in the various fields available (https://experienceleague.adobe.com/docs/workfront/using/basics/update-work-items-view-updates/charac...), none are customizable and each field has its own unique strengths and weaknesses.


This functionality would be particularly valuable for the text field with formatting as we are using these forms to author content and the text often needs to fit within a predetermined amount of space within a report's template or on a webpage. We are using a Fusion integration to move the text from these text fields to AEM Assets, and need a way to flag to the creatives who are authoring the text within Workfront how many words they can author to control for publication errors before they submit their content.


We've explored a lot of different options and are surprised there is no way at all to enforce a limit or even highlight the word count to authors within the form. We've explored calculated fields as well and think the LEFT or LEN functions could be interesting, but they are incapable of referencing rich text fields. Is there any plan to include the optionality to enforce a word or character count within custom form text fields or show a word count to users using the field within the form?

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