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Contact Management - Add/list view/reporting


Level 2


Allow for project managers and team members to add contacts that are related to the project (but don't need project access) from within the project and allow for a list view of the contacts (just like the expense list view). Every project has people that are related to the project that may need to be contacted from time to time via e-mail or phone, but have no interaction with a project. We need the ability to track these contacts so we can reach out to them without parsing through e-mails. Also, this should not be something we have to go digging in setup to add a company in the back end. These are project specific contacts and not users to the project.



Level 4


Please implement this feature. This is a huge issue for us because our billing rates are tied to vendors. Since Workfront doesn't offer an easier way to enter vendors, we are forced to store vendor information in NetSuite.


Level 10



The workaround of putting all the vendor information as user info in WF (even though those contacts won't use the system) is really a non-starter because of the chaos and clutter.

This is not the only need WF has for little sub-databases of project/process information as well as the cascading/hierarchical fields that would pair nicely with them (select company, which then allows sub-select of contact, which then auto-populates contact information).

WF should look at this as an opportunity for general functionality that could go beyond the specific need cited by this Idea:

  1. Embedded databases/spreadsheets/matrix-style data element, perhaps driven by an uploaded Excel sheet or something, or even better, an on-screen UI.
  2. Hierarchical fields, which could require the use of the data employed by Item 1 above, or have it's own specialized UI for creation of the data matrix from scratch in-system.

I think this is a great enough need that the first answer shouldn't be "buy/use Fusion" or "clutter your user/company" lists. I'm already cluttering my Company list because of the way WF handles rate schedules, I don't need more nuttiness.