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[CLOSED] - Lock tasks to prevent time being billed to them


Level 2


Please consider adding a `lock` (or flag) that prevents staff from billing time against a task...

Ideally the lock would be triggered by the task status - i.e., they could not book time if the status shows that the task has been completed (or perhaps has not actually been started yet).

Currently we append `***CLOSED***` to the task name and change the status to complete but on more occasions than we'd like, staff continue to use an inactive task.



Level 1


I definitely need this. We have issues with users booking time for today to a task that was completed three months ago or other varying lengths of time.


Level 2


We have this problem regularly and it causes so much aggravation. We also need timesheets to show how many hours are available and planned on timesheet because sometimes they don't know which task to select.


Level 5


I think there's a solution to this:

Use Timesheets and ask the users to close/submit them. Once they do that, they won't be able to log to that particular week. If there will be newer logs than the actual completion date, you can do a report to show that and then question the user.