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Client Rate Card Portfolio & Program Level


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We should be able to have Billing Rates at the Portfolio and Program Levels.

Currently, Billing Rates are at the Company and Project Levels.

Workfront best practice is to have the Companies be the Company or Divisions, Departments, etc. in your Company.

If I have clients with various rate cards, I need to create a Company to include the rate cards.


Why is this feature important to you:

This feature is important because we have various clients with rate cards and our heirarchy has clients set up under programs.

Currently, I have to set up a Client under Companies which needs to be filtered out for reporting purposes.


How would you like the feature to work:

I would like an Object on the left pannel under Portfilios and Programs to have Billing Rates, same feature as Companies and Projects.

Also under project set up/details and option: Is Billing Rate being used? Yes or No.


Current Behaviour:

There is no Billing Rates under Portfolios and Programs so I have to create a Company for our Clients that have rate cards.

Prefer to have my Company as the only Company since we do not have Clients as users in Workfront.

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I agree with this; if anyone in the community has a decent workaround for assigning rate cards at the portfolio/program level, I would love to know how you do it!