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Calendars -- Ability to Use Custom Form Date Fields


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The calendars seem very limited in their options and therefore we haven't been able to use them effectively as everyone would like.

It would be great if they could be used in conjunction with date fields in the custom forms instead of just the built-in planned, actual, projected dates on projects, tasks, and issues.

For example, we have custom form field for date of deployment for our email marketing campaigns. It would great to have those feed into a calendar.



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Just saw this was moved to a status of "Not Planned". I'm curious why this one didn't make it into the next 12 month development window.

Is someone from the Workfront product management able to elaborate on why this idea did not make it in the product roadmap? Thanks!


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Amen! I'm emailing with WF support right now because I thought I must be using it wrong, but no, after reading your comments, it's pretty worthless. Actuals don't tell enough of the story and work can't be planned based on them.


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Just found this after posting a similar request (face palm).

Hope this gains some traction. it seems like MANY users need this.


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Please WF! Improve the calendar functionality...it is soooo limited. We are forced to continue to rely on exterior spreadsheets because the calendars will not pull custom forms data.


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My use case is for offers that our company has. We launch hundreds of offers and we need a calendar view of all active offers. However, we launch to production the night before the offer start date and we have an end date of XX/XX/XX. We have two fields that say "offer start date" and "offer end date" that shows on a list currently but would love a calendar view so badly for our leadership. We are manually hand typing it into a calendar in PPT and Excel today. Thanks!