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Bulk Update of task names on Active projects


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Hi there! It would be highly beneficial if there was a way to rename tasks in bulk on projects that are under current status. For example, I have 100+ projects that are current in the system, all with a task titled "Project Launch." I now want to rename this task on all active projects to include an internal code (example- "A1 Project Launch") , however Workfront doesn't have the means to do a bulk update on current projects.

As a company that is fairly new to Workfront and still refining our platform and workflows, there should be a way for us to implement these types of improvements without it being a manual update on each project. Hoping this is something that can be implemented sooner rather than later.



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I also am reorganising hundreds of projects and thousands of tasks for consistency.

Bulk edit of tasks allows updates of many fields but not the task name for some reason.

But why restrict it to current projects or incomplete tasks. Why not allow this for any tasks selected?

I am having to set up an API update to do it.


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This is such a tedious issue we have and would be a significant time savings if having the ability to bulk edit task names was implemented in a future release. 




Hi @NadiaPa and @sydneypeterson,


We have a couple of ways to reduce the tediousness of bulk updating Task names:


  • If your Projects (and more importantly, the Tasks of interest) are based upon Templates, our Sync Template solution lets you periodically adapt your Template Tasks (including their names, among many other features), then synchronize those adjustments out to the Projects of interest, on mass
  • Alternatively, our Excel Updater solution allows you to integrate data into Workfront without having to learn the API, write code, or set up a server, and is ideal for both one time and reoccurring data loads





P.S. @RodWin if you have the means to use the API (e.g. Fusion, etc.) you might not need either, but are welcome to take a look too