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Bulk Editing a Custom Form on an object


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Real Pain Point - pls direct me to anyone that has raised this - Bulk Editing a Custom Form on an object

Usercase - I want to bulk edit and add a custom form to an object.

Problem - I can't filter to only the objects missing that custom form, if there is more than one custom form attached - I need to create a column for Categories>>ID and then manually select and edit the objects in that list - with 000's of objects this is very time consuming...

Problem - I can't just select ALL and re-add the custom form, as if the custom form appears on some of the objects and not all, then the custom form does not appear in the list - this makes sense where there is data in the custom form that matters if is is overwritten - but, I want to do this for a calculated field only custom form and therefore, it won't impact any of the data if it is re-added and re-calculated.

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I upvoted but there is some text mode you can put into a view to show you what custom forms are actually attached to each object. It helps to identify which ones to select. Although this idea is how it should be in my opinion.

displayname=Custom Forms