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Bulk Approve or Archive Unresolved Proofs


Level 6


We use Workfront templates/schedules to act as workflow for all proofs (thus far).

Since nobody "approves or resolves" a proof in proofHQ/ Viewer - they ALL remain with designer who created the object as approvals in their working on view. (I've been able to hide the excruciatingly long lists but that's not a solve).

Needless to say, we have thousands of proofs that need to be archived.

I would like to be able to bulk approve / archive / resolve any proof for a project that has been completed.



Level 6


How do I get this request / idea re-posted -- this is still a huge pain point.

I intend to bring this up again at LEAP this year!!!

Surely we can't be the only ones NOT using proof tool for approval process?

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