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Bring Back "Notify" on Document Updates (on flyout menu/summary menu)


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Description - With the new commenting experience update, the "Notify" feature was removed from the document update comment box. Notify is used on the other commenting features/objects in Workfront (including on Document Details) so this is inconsistent with how other objects use commenting.

Why is this feature important to you - Notify prompts users to think through if anyone needs tagged before they submit their comment. Some users are not used to or do not use the "@" feature for tagging. They can use Notify on other areas of Workfront comments, including on the Document Details page, but it's more clicks to get there. We already have users not getting tagged on document comments with this new change in place.

How would you like the feature to work - Same as before. Although having "Ask for Approval" to come back would be a nice-to-have, I understand that removing that added consistency to the overall commenting experience across Workfront. However, removing "Notify" just made the flyouts work differently than everything else.

Current Behaviour - User has to use "@" to tag anyone on document updates using the flyout menu or navigate to the document details page to make their update.