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Break/ Retry Module Implementation to be done on a Scenario Level


Level 1


Description -

In Workfront Fusion, implementing a break/retry module at the scenario level rather than for individual modules within that scenario offers a cleaner and more efficient approach. By applying this method, errors like the common 503 error can trigger automatic retries for the entire scenario, reducing clutter and simplifying management. This centralized approach streamlines error handling and ensures smoother execution of workflows, enhancing overall productivity.

Why is this feature important to you - There are times when executions failed due to 503 and didn't got automatic retries as we do not include break/ retry handler for that module

How would you like the feature to work - By Implementing some logic for break/ retry logic occuring at scenario level

Current Behaviour - Currently I have to set break/ retry handler for each module and there could be a lot of modules in the scenario and implementing for all of them might not be a feasible approach.