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Breadcrumbs should provide EASY access to items in path...


Level 3


Most used link of all Home Page is PROJECT from Task. You have now hidden it under 3 dots with entire path from Portfolio to Task Great if you want to provide the entire path in breadcrumbs, but please make it fully visible. Appreciate same which is now available in Proofing..

Hidden breadcrumbs is an oxymoron!



Level 4


I feel that the breadcrumbs in the New Experience are very hard to decipher. I never know If i am clicking up to the project, program, or portfolio level.


Level 4


My organization has been very challenged by the inability to see all the information in front of them. For most of our users, they really just want to see the name of the project front and center. It has become a challenge when they accidently click into the portfolio/program because they cannot see the whole project name. It would also be nice to have identifiers in team worklists and their personal worklist so they know the difference between a task name, a project name, and other links that are present.