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Bold, Color, Italics, Highlight, Underline Options on Custom Forms


Level 9


It would be wonderful to be able to bold, underline, color font, highlight, etc...on custom forms.



Level 6


yes please add a tinymce style option for all fields within custom forms as well as the custom form builder.

The inability to customize the look and feel of the custom form and the data within it is a serious draw back


Level 2


Hi everyone who has up-voted for this idea !

The Workfront Product team has good news for you - a decision has been made to include the enhancement in question in the next 12-month roadmap.

It would still be very helpful to learn from you some good examples of use cases where you strongly need to style custom field labels and their values. Please feel fee to provide those examples on this thread.

Kind Regards,

Mariam Paronyan

Product Manager


Level 7


Hi Mariam,

Feedback we have recently got from users is that, when they are completing a form on a request queue, it would be very beneficial to be able to differentitate easier between the headings of the sections, descriptive field boxes and check box fields etc.


Level 9


We would like to call out items in Red or our brand colors on the form. Feedback we have received is they would like required fields to be Red and the headers to be our brand green instead of orange.

In this scenario, we placed a descriptive text about holiday delays for work and the users have said it's not clear enough. Bold and Red would help.


Level 4


Is there an update on when this will be delivered?

Greg, in case you haven't seen it there is a separate idea in the exchange for limiting text. See link: DEFINABLE CHARACTER LIMITS FOR CUSTOM FIELDS: https://support.workfront.com/hc/en-us/community/posts/360010501294-Definable-character-limits-for-c...


Level 2


I would LOVE to see this, primarily in the Descriptive Text field format. We often need to call attention to important instructions and it's hard enough to get people to read things. If it were posslble to make it red or bold, or highlighted, it might have a chance of standing out!


Level 3


Hi everyone,

As an update on this, I wanted to let you know that upgrades to Custom Forms builder has became a part of a bigger initiative and these sort of enhancements are going to be a part of it. Hence, I’m marking this idea as “Not Planned” as the delivery of it is falling out of Idea Exchange defined time frames.

We will be reaching you out proactively, during the research phase and in the meantime, I’d encourage you to add your use cases here for the future analysis by our team.

Best regards,

Gevorg Kazaryan

Product Manager



Level 3


Having custom forms is a very powerful part of WF, and frankly one of the selling points the reps love to point out. MAKE THEM BETTER!! This is a fantastic idea and must move forward. This exact comment box shows that you have the technology to accomplish this request.


We are using custom forms to collect marketing based information for our graphic design team. We want to use the custom forms to allow the requester to mock up more of what they want the marketing email or graphic will say or look like. Create bullet point lists to define paragraph points for copy writers, etc.