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Boards: Intake Personal Tasks


Level 2


Description - Currently, Boards cannot dynamically intake personal tasks. I would like to see Board be able to dynamically intake personal tasks.

Why is this feature important to you - One of the most natural and useful applications of Board, in my opinion, is for making a personal to-do list. In Workfront, I use personal tasks to do this. I want to keep all of these tasks together as personal tasks because that is how I have already been organizing myself for some time. Personal tasks technically live in a hidden project in Worfront, but that project is hidden from searches. Probably for that reason, Dynamic Intake in boards is unable to find any of these tasks or that project, even when I specifically filter for them. 

How would you like the feature to work - I should be able to use Dynamic Intake to search for and populate a list of tasks, including personal tasks. If Workfront wants to keep these tasks hidden by default, then they should make it possible to specifically add a filter condition to look for personal tasks by searching for a match in the ProjectID or something like that so that it is not impossible to dynamically intake personal tasks.

Current Behaviour - Currently, when you filter for tasks with Dynamic Intake on boards, personal tasks do not populate in the list. Even if you, for example, specifically filter for the ProjectID containing your personal tasks, Boards is unable to find them.



Community Advisor


cbward90 you can add personal tasks to your Board today, see the below image to help you get the right fields to use.  You would set a filter for tasks and then set the filter like below and it will pull into your backlog board.  Hope this helps.