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Better UX for the My Work Calendar


Level 8


I'm hearing from various people in our organization that the new My Work Calendar isn't useful and hard to use. Direct feedback is that it's not user-friendly.

Additional feedback:

To view all of the tasks you are assigned in the timeline, you have to push the task details portion down to a position where it is not useful. It’s difficult to even see. The old timeline feature was much more compact and allowed the user to see when work was due, and what had been completed. That is more useful to me than showing me when a project starts, especially because I have a lot of tasks that are assigned over several weeks.

I suggest rethinking the UX of the calendar to make it more useful. In other work management tools, I've seen a calendar of tasks view and a listing of tasks view that you can toggle between so that it's not smushed on one screen like it is now. That may even be a better idea.



Level 1


I agree that the calendar, as it currently existis, is extremely confusing. Additionally, when searching for ways to edit it, there were only articles for the previous configuration, which don't apply to this set up at all. Either remove this item or make it more user-friendly.


Level 2


The My Work Calendar is something I could see our studio using, however it just isn't user friendly at all. I agree with the comments from this idea.