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autonumber field - docket numbers


Level 10


When we create projects, we would like it to be easily identifiable by a docket number, something sequential eg 17-xxxx and should increment only by the specific object type eg Project. Unfortunately, the only available autonumbering available on Workfront is through all objects, meaning if I have 2 projects created, this could be 17-ABX1 and 17-1257 because of all objects created in between. We need this number to be sequential to the object only.



Level 5


I agree with the other comments, it doesn't make sense. I'd love to know what the customer requirement was that had each reference number unique. What could they have been doing?


Level 3


My organization is struggling immensely with the lack of a standard tracking number that can be utilized by our customer and staff throughout the whole lifecycle of the request to project process. They receive initial communication about their request reference number but then that changes to a project reference number. We also need to have a more sequential numbering system as this is used to archive our project information in another system. We have only been live for a couple weeks and we can already see the numbers growing at a rapid rate where it isn't going to be very beneficial to us to have such a large number in the very near future. We may not be able to implement other work areas in the tool until we have a better solution. Please reconsider and provide some options for our highly production based organization that received thousands of requests each week.


Level 3


I am wondering if there is any new consideration for this functionality. I did see new posts about this in the community and I get asked about this almost daily from my users. We are struggling with the large volume of work that comes through our system and no way to have a consistent numbering scheme nor keep the number from jumping so rapidly. This is vital to our success in using Workfront. Any updates would be appreciated.