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Automatically update percent work complete


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I see a number of "similar ideas" suggested but when I follow the link the page seems to have been removed... so, the ask:

Rather than adjust manually, can the "percent work complete" automate as hours are added to the task. It requires additional manual work to do both. Thanks!

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think this is a product deficiency. I agree with vic it should be based on actual hours calculated from planned hours. If the task auto completes this would also allow the person completing the task to have a conversation with the Project Owner to explain the increased need for Planned hours. This promotes communication across teams, helps prevent scope creep. THIS IS A MUST most programs do this. even though it is a quick thing to add the % complete manually when you add this up across all the tasks in an organizations projects this is a lot of time and would be a huge time savings. I understand the risk but I think that should be the customers choice. there could be a setting that allows or prevents this. Huge issue for my team.