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Automatically update percent work complete


Level 3



We are in the process of implementing the timesheet functionality within Workfront. If users have to input actual work in the timesheet and then update percent complete on their tasks, it would make more sense to have the actual work on the task update the percent complete or percent work complete on that task. I know there isn't a field for calculating the amount of work complete but I think it would be beneficial to have that option and have it be auto populated by using the actual work against the planned work. We don't want to inconvenience our users by making them update both the percentage complete and the actual work on their tasks.



Level 10


Ditto! It is a struggle to get resources to update their time sheets; it would be nice to have the option to let the system calculate % Complete.

In addition I would like to see a total for Remaining Work, to pull into reports, etc. without have to add a calculated column on a report!

A bonus...since resource management is a hot topic...it would also be nice to have a Remaining Work total at the resource level for each assignment as well! :)


Level 1


My understanding is that if users log time via the My Work page, the % complete on a task automatically updates. However, most of the users I work with prefer to log hours via the Timesheet and in this case the % complete does not automatically update. I'm surprise to see there are not more votes for this functionality because this is a huge pain point for my users, and I fully support this recommendation!


Level 2


Our Agile team members are required to log actual hours and we've added a custom field for Hours Remaining.  Would love to have an algorithm that tied Hours Remaining and Actual Hours to Percentage Complete and have the ability for team members to log their actual time on the storyboard task or issue.