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Automated Proofs: Add option to create automated proofs as default or expose via API


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Large companies want more control over their Proofing Workflow Stages. They want to use automation to dynamically add stages and make assignments. However, they can't do this because WF creates new proofs as Simple proofs. There's no way in the API to convert a Simple proof to an Automated proof without causing problems. The "New Proof" page in WF helps, but there's still a gap with the "Generate Proof" button next to documents.

Please provide a way to do this. Ideas include:

1) Provide option to create automated proofs by default, instead of simple proofs.

2) Make Document Versions editable via the API. This would allow integrations to convert existing proofs to Automated Proofs using the ProofHQ API then add then update the ProofID on the document version.

3) Add an "isAutomatedProof" flag to the /createProof action.

4) Add a drop-down to the "Generate Proof" button with the options: Simple or Automated.