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Auto Notifications for Deactivated Fusion Scenarios


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Over the past few months, we have had several Fusion scenarios deactivate without notice. Some of the scenarios are heavily used and the outages have backed up work in the platform disrupting end users. Rather than our team being aware of the outage, our end users were the ones notifying us. That is not a good look when they are aware before our support team.


Why is this feature important to you

We have had select Fusion scenarios deactivate for no apparent reason. Depending on what scenario is affected, it could greatly disrupt our production environment and end users’ work. Finding out immediately would allow us to quickly turn the scenario back on before it adversely impacts users.


How would you like the feature to work

When a Fusion scenario is deactivated through any means other than a member of my team turning it off, we would like the system to send an email notification to our team immediately, so we are aware of the outage.


Current Behaviour

We are not notified when a Fusion scenario is deactivated. We have to monitor and check Fusion at a regular cadence to ensure all of our scenarios are still active. This should not be something a team needs to manually monitor within a modernized SaaS platform.

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I thought this was a problem with my IT department blocking the notification emails as spam, but now perhaps I'm wrong. I haven't gotten the correct notifications in awhile either, but just got in the habit of checking every morning until I could ask IT for help. When you go to the Team section in the Fusion UI, there's a tab across the very top called 'Notification Options' and you can select to have it notify for warnings, errors and scenario deactivation.