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Auto-Complete successor tasks with no lag and 0 day duration


Level 4


Description - To speed up productivity and allow for task mirroring (same completion date and status), it would be helpful to have the option to turn on something like "Auto-Complete". This would occur for tasks that are chained to predecessors. This could be same-project or cross-project. As long as the predecessor has 0d lag and the successor task has 0day duration.


Why is this feature important to you - Many tasks are tracked within other projects as dependencies within the project, but the predecessor is a linked task to another project's task. By allowing for this chaining of predecessor completion to the successor, project status can be chained.


How would you like the feature to work - Either add an option on the successor task to enable this behavior, or add it to the predecessor options when chaining. The latter may be a more intuitive place to enable auto-completion of the successor task.


Current Behaviour - Successor tasks do not share the completion status of predecessor tasks, no matter what. User has to manually complete the successor task, which is time consuming and unnecessary for specific conditions.