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Auto Calculate Task Duration instead of end dates or the ability to choose which type of date formats you would like


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Description - Would like for a user to be able to enter the start and end dates and the duration auto populate

Why is this feature important to you - A lot of time with project planning you are more likely to be given set start and end dates for tasks and the current functionality requires user to do additional math to calculate how many days a tasks will take and some span months at a time. 

How would you like the feature to work - A user enters a task start date of 10/2 and end date of 10/6 and the duration will automatically fill in as '5 days'

Current Behavior - The current behavior is to enter start date of 10/2 and 5 days duration but this can be difficult to judge when you have tasks that take place over a large amount of days. If i want a task to end on 11/2, I have to calculate exactly how many days are in October and November to get the correct end date. 

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Hi @MorganHo,


I Liked your idea, especially as -- although I've heard it over the years -- I don't recall it being officially shared as an idea, so thanks for writing it up. I would add that in the cases I'm thinking of, the resulting task should remain as ASAP (vs Fixed Dates, which you technically can do today, but are then bound to those dates rather than "moving" when a predecessor pushes them).


Also, in case you've not tried it, there is an existing workaround today: by turning on the Gantt mode on a task list, users can grab and drag the right side of a task until they reach the desired on-hover end date, then "let go" to have the resulting duration populate. Fussy, but functional.